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What Really Happened Between The Pope and Kim Davis?

Baby PopeThe Pope did lots of things during his visit to America. Chuckled with Jim Gaffigan. Addressed Congress. Met a Baby Pope. And that was all well and good. But it’s his meeting with Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis that has left people with questions. Questions such as: wait, he met with Kim Davis? Why? What? Why? What the hell were they talking about?

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Are There Taco Bells in Mexico?

Map of Tony Roma’s Locations Worldwide

The topic of today’s investigation: national pride. Specifically: does your country allow a crappy Americanized version of your food to be sold within its own borders? If so, then your country has no pride whatever.

The above picture, you may note, does not have Italy highlighted. You know why? Because Italians don’t want any Tony Roma’s. Tony Roma’s–whose motto is “Famous for Ribs”–has a location in Saudi Arabia, where, generally speaking, pork isn’t such a big product, but none in Italy. Because Italy does not want Tony Roma’s. They have actual Italian food.

In addition, there are not only no Olive Gardens in Italy, there aren’t any in the whole of Europe. But of course, Italy is not the only country to have its food bastardized in America.

Here’s a mostly complete list of countries that have managed to keep American chains out of their borders.

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