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What That Show Should Have Been About

TV show titles are often misleading. Or at least only partially leading. As a corrective to that, here’s what various television programs throughout history would have been about had their titles had been truly accurate.

Add your own in the comments if you like! Or don’t. This is still America after all.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – Master chef Anthony Bourdain samples the cuisine of America’s top indigenous casino buffets.

America’s Next Top Model – A nationwide talent search to find the best miniature airplane that mankind has ever seen (NO CRAZY GLUE ALLOWED).

The Apprentice – An 11-year-old boy earns passage to the New World. But when he gets there, he’s got a lot of learning to do from a kindly blacksmith.

Babylon 5 – Hammurabi V institutes the historic fifth written code of laws.

Blossom – A botanist learns she’s going to become a single mother.

The Bold and the Beautiful – The erotic happenings of a tight-knit, bed-hopping klatch of typographers.

Bones – Former NBA player Brent “Bones” Barry plots his revenge against the evil Frenchman who seduced his wife.

Boy Meets World – Metta World Peace loses a paternity suit.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew – D-listers are disabused of the addictive and damaging notion that they are still or ever were regarded as “celebrities” through intensive therapy and interventions.

Cheers – An audience watches a hilarious ’80s sitcom.

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