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How To Win A Genius Grant

The 2011 Macarthur Genius Grants were just announced, and for the 22nd straight year, I got snubbed–and it’s likely you did as well. Perhaps we’re doing something wrong. And while this year’s crop of geniuses down at the genius farm looks good, I know what you’re thinking… why didn’t I win this year?

Worry not, member of the general public! The problem is definitely not that you’re not a genius–it’s just that you haven’t been playing the Genius Grant people’s political games. Yet. As something of an expert on being a genius, I’m here to answer your questions.

Who are these Macarthur people?

The late John D. Macarthur made his fortune in insurance. He then founded a foundation.

What is the Genius Grant?

It’s a big pile of money, given to geniuses as chosen by the Macarthur foundation.

That’s me! Why haven’t I gotten one of those yet?

Unfortunately, ever since the Macarthur Grants went mainstream, they have an application process. But don’t worry, I’m pretty sure very few people actually apply. I mean, how else to explain that they once gave one of these things to a clown?

A clown? Seriously?

And a juggler.

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